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Ahmad Parwiz

Published: Jan 31, 2010 by admin Filed under: Artists

Afghan musician, singer, composer and song writer Ahmad Parwiz was born on 15th of February in Kabul Afghanistan. From his 13th birthday he learned to play the tabla and the harmonium and he started to combine his singing with these instruments. Since 1996 Parwiz lives in the Netherlands. During his stay in different countries his eagerness to learn made that he got to know about music from different sources and from different teachers. Because of his excellent skills Parwiz is able to sing rhythmic, pop, folkmusic as well as classic and romantic ghazals. By singing ghazals he came to learn about poetry and literature. Parwiz is a big fan of great Persian poets especially of Moulana Jalal-u-din Balkhi and Bedel Dehlawi. Parwiz has alot of respect for other Afghani musicians. Instead of copying them he chooses to go his own way and create new music. Albums: "Sanam

Fardeen Haqmal

Published: Nov 3, 2009 by admin Filed under: Artists
Fardeen Haqmal was born in Kabul, Afghanistan; he was 7 years old when he and his family left his beloved country to seek temporary shelter in Pakistan. After staying 2 years in Pakistan he and his family moved to Los Angeles California when Fardeen was 9 years old.

His passion for music started when Fardeen was at the age of 15. What started out as a passion has turned into a profession today for Fardeen Haqmal. However growing up music was not the first option, his father Saber Haqmal, himself being and educator and teacher and an official of the Ministry of Education, ordered Fardeen to follow up on his education first before pursuing any hobby.

Fardeen obeyed, studied and wound up with a University Degree in Management Information Systems and began to stand on his own feet in life. In the meantime during his free time he still listened and practiced music. He not only began in earnest to carry forward his first love, but also reached a point when he can now comfortably appears in public, playing music and singing not only in Dari and Pashto, his native languages, but also in Iranian Farsi and Indian Hindi songs as well.

His service is in demand in many states mainly in Southern California to perform in afghan functions and festive occasions. He is looked upon as a professional and a very talented young man in the world of afghan music.

He has shared stage with Habib Qaderi, Mustafa Jalali, Timor jalali, Mozhdah, Rameen & Omar Shareef, Ali Etemadi, Walid Soroor, and Syed Fahim Currently Fardeen has completed 3 music videos which have been widely appreciated by his fans.

You can get more updates from his official website or from his Facebook at

Fardeen Haqmal's Music Videos

Jawid Sharif

Published: Oct 31, 2009 by admin Filed under: Artists
My artistic life began when I developed a very strong connection and interest with the art of music. I was barely five years old. With God's blessing and guidance of my mentor and dear Uncle Mr. Habib Sharif I was able to stride on the first footstep of this endless journey.

At the age of six, I participated in the first radio concert. The following year I had the honor of taking part in another concert hosted by our beloved artist Zahir Howaida. With the support and encouragement of my family, friends, and fellow artists, I was able to continue my work in this field and took part in concerts organized by the radio, television, schools, and the youth. At the age of nine, I recorded a few songs whi
ch were to be aired on television, however, due to unknown reasons, after the initial airing, did not persist.

I successfully finished my studies in the field of engineering ab
road, but unfortunately, due to the unlucky turn of events, like many of my Afghan brothers and sisters was forced to migrate to various countries and in my case to Germany since 1996. I started my first independent musical project here in Germany, and after hard work and many challenges, I was able to launch my first CD (Shorbat e Shanieta) in 1999.

Following this, in 2001 my second CD (Noor) and in 2002 my third CD (Dance Night) was released. In the summer of 2004 I released my fourth and fifth CDs (Kahkashaan). Then I produced my sixth Cd (Awaleen Deedar) and 1st DVD (Kahkashaan) in 2006. My latest cd Kankaash will be out start of march 2009 worldwide then I will anounce the distribution companies names so everyone can purchase it.

Jawid Sharif's Music Videos

Ghazal Sadat

Published: Sep 13, 2009 by admin Filed under: Artists

In her own words:
I was born in kabul, Afghanistan. Both my mother and father are from herat. I am a simple afghan girl, and truly value and respect my religion and culture.
All of my life i have loved and adored music. Even from early age I recall singing along with music I would listen to. As I grew up, I came to appreciate the beauty and poetic nature of afghan music, with its impressive melodies and intricate rhythms.
I completed my secondary education in Istanbul, Turkey. From here my family and I immigrated to Canada. I continued my further education in Montreal, where i received my dental hygienist diploma.
Currently I am working to obtain my hair stylist and makeup artist diploma. My true passion is for music. I am planning to release my first album in the near future.
I would like to thank Ustad Waheed Qasemi, as well as Ali Etemadi, and Morph music production. I find myself very fortunate to have such wonderful people around me.

Ghazal's Latest Music Video Nago Moora
Ghazal's Official Website

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