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Afghanistan's Oprah (Mozhdah Jamalzadah)

Published: Jul 18, 2010 by admin Filed under: Artists
courtesy of CNN

Rahim Mehryar Died at Age of 54

Published: Jun 23, 2010 by admin Filed under: Artists

Rahim Meryhar born 1956 in kabul and died of liver cancer in Germany 23rd june 2010

Ahmad Parwiz

Published: Jan 31, 2010 by admin Filed under: Artists

Afghan musician, singer, composer and song writer Ahmad Parwiz was born on 15th of February in Kabul Afghanistan. From his 13th birthday he learned to play the tabla and the harmonium and he started to combine his singing with these instruments. Since 1996 Parwiz lives in the Netherlands. During his stay in different countries his eagerness to learn made that he got to know about music from different sources and from different teachers. Because of his excellent skills Parwiz is able to sing rhythmic, pop, folkmusic as well as classic and romantic ghazals. By singing ghazals he came to learn about poetry and literature. Parwiz is a big fan of great Persian poets especially of Moulana Jalal-u-din Balkhi and Bedel Dehlawi. Parwiz has alot of respect for other Afghani musicians. Instead of copying them he chooses to go his own way and create new music. Albums: "Sanam

Mozhdah Photos

Published: Dec 20, 2009 by admin Filed under: Artists

Shafiq Mureed Photos

Published: Dec 13, 2009 by admin Filed under: Artists

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